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Best Crypto Casinos

Kingdom Casino

Over the years, crypto has gone from obscure to relatively mainstream in record time. Since 2017, more and more people have been piling onto the bandwagon. Today, newcomers are entering the industry at a record pace.

Still, it seems as if even more businesses are beginning to leverage the unique finance technology.

Consequently, we’ve got a few recommendations for the best casinos that will let you play using crypto. If you’ve got some coins burning a hole in your pocket, all of the following institutions should be perfect for your purposes.

What Is Cryptocurrency?

Of course, it would not make much sense for us to proceed without further elaborating on what cryptocurrencies are. To put it simply, they are a type of electronic money.

Although that may be oversimplifying things, it should serve as a useful shorthand for the time being.

If you’d like to explore this concept further, the following principles are at the core of the technology. Of course, the following information may not be for everyone. Luckily, you don’t have to understand how everything works in order to enjoy the benefits.

A Decentralized Medium of Exchange:
Most currencies are controlled by a central institution. For example, with the US dollar, it’s the Federal Reserve that is in control of everything. They get to decide how many new dollars are put into the economy in a given year. Whatever they say goes. In comparison, crypto is not controlled by any single entity. Instead, it’s an emergent phenomenon that is the result of many computers and networking together.

The BlockChain Is an Immutable Public Ledger:
At its base, crypto is dependent upon the blockchain. Without the blockchain, nothing would work in the world of crypto. However, what is this chain you speak of? Generally speaking, you can think of it kind of like the ledger book at a bed-and-breakfast. Instead, everyone on the network can see the book at the same time. Plus, only members of the network can edit the ledger. Thus, it’s far more secure than traditional currency technologies.

Depending on Who You Ask, It Could Be Considered a Novel Form of Investing:
Perhaps the most notable quality, volatility, is what draws people to these currencies in the first place. Since they tend to change value rapidly, with the right strategy, you can trade them as a type of asset. On some occasions, people get lucky and see their investments skyrocket in value overnight. Although it’s uncommon, it’s still among the most prominent reasons people first learn about them.

What Is a Crypto Casino?

At this point, you should have a decent grasp of the fundamentals. Now, we can talk about how those apply in the real world. Of course, the call of the casino would be what brought you here in the first place. In general, a crypto casino is not that much different from a traditional one. Instead of allowing players to gamble with their dollars, these institutions let players put their crypto on the table. Everything else tends to play out in much the same way as usual.

These Are Registered Gaming Companies With a Specific Focus:
Most of the time, people have a few questions they would like to ask before they play somewhere like this. Since something new, it’s unsurprising that people have a few worries in the back of their minds. Luckily, any institution on our list is fully registered with the gaming commission. That way, you’ll know that everything is above the bar. Otherwise, how would you know that the institution is trustworthy before you decided to play there?

Instead of Using the Us Dollar, They Allow Players to Join With Only Crypto:
Suppose you made an investment a few years ago. Now, it seems like it’s worth quite a lot more. Although that first purchase of crypto may not have seemed like a huge deal at the time, today, it could be worth substantially more than it was back then. If you find a hidden stash of crypto, one of these can see knows the perfect place to parlay some of your loot. Who knows? At the end of the night, you could walk away with even more than you entered the place with.

How to Play at a Crypto Casino?

So, by now, you’re probably pretty interested in learning how to play at one of these establishments. If you played at an online casino in the past, it should not be much different from how things go at one of these institutions.

Similar to Any Other Online Casino:
As with other institutions, you’ll have to register an account before you can play. Then, funds must be deposited into your wallet. Otherwise, even if you could get to the table, you won’t have anything to place bets with.

Except, With These, You Play With Crypto:
Of course, after you open your account, you’ll have to acquire the funds before you can deposit them. Since you won’t be using any dollars, you’ll have to exchange them for appropriate crypto. Depending on the casino, specific crypto’s may be accepted. If you do not have any experience purchasing them, it would be best to exercise caution at this point. Today, there are thousands of different crypto current is. If you purchased the wrong one by mistake, it could be a huge waste of money when the casing rejects it.

To Begin, You’ll Have to Deposit Crypto Into Your Account:
Generally speaking, the easiest way for people to get crypto is by purchasing them off an exchange. By working with one of these establishments, you can send them US dollars and receive crypto in return. Then, you’ll just have to send the funds to your casino wallet. Once they are deposited, you can have at it. Hopefully, tonight will be your lucky day.

Best Crypto Casinos

With so many casinos to choose from, it can seem like finding the best could be a nearly insurmountable task. Nevertheless, thanks to our extensive experience, we’ve managed to fine-tune our process. That way, as soon as a new casino into the industry, we can assign an appropriate rating at a moment’s notice. For that reason, we’ve quickly become one of the most reputable casino rating institutions in the world. In general, our process is as follows.

First, We Look at Their Game Selection:
Why do people go to casinos most of the time? Typically, in our experience, it is because they would like to play some games. As a result, game selection is our most heavily weighted factor when evaluating different casinos. Assuming all else is the same, the casino with the better selection will win every time.

Second, We Check Out Their Promotions:
Following their game selection, we like to take a look at what kind of promotions they offer. Usually, most casinos offer fairly generous rewards for first-time players. Of course, this could be a tactic to get people to jump on board. For that reason, we like to look at what else they offer to existing players. If they’ve got a great selection, then that will be wonderful for their final grade.

Next, We Determine How Easy It Is to Deposit and Withdrawal Funds:
After those two factors, we examine how easy it is for people to deposit funds. As simple as it may seem, not all places have managed to figure it out. On some occasions, even we struggle to deposit our money into a casino. Obviously, in those instances, it would serve as a demerit for the casino in question. The easier it is for people to start playing, the better they will score in this category.

Finally, We Test Out the Quality of Their Customer Service:
Before we give the casino a final score, we’ve got to try and talk to the customer service. Hopefully, in the real world, you’ll never have to deal with these guys. Still, we understand that life doesn’t always go as planned. For those occasions, it helps when you know that there is an amazing customer service team waiting to help with any issue that you come across. The more helpful the team is, the better they will do on our evaluation. Of course, it works the same way in the opposite direction as well.

What Games Crypto Casinos Offer?

Suppose you’d like to know about the games you can expect to find on one of these casinos. While you won’t find every game at all of them, in most instances, you’ll be impressed at the selection. Compared to traditional casinos, just about all of the same familiar faces can be found at a crypto casino.

Slot Machines:
Above all, you’ll find plenty of slot machines to play with while you bide your time. Since they are among the most popular games in a casino, it makes sense that they are so prevalent in the section of the industry.

Table Games:
Following slot machines, table games tend to be the next most popular item on the list. Luckily, from our trials, it seems as if most of these casinos offer a few of these games also did. That way, you won’t get stuck on the slot machine for the whole night. Once you decide that you’d like to branch out, there’s almost always something else for you to try or by reading the best slot guide and strategies to learn more and improve your game.

Usually, we like to spend our time at the blackjack table. Since the rules are always the same, it’s never that hard for you to catch up after sitting down to play a hand. When you don’t know what else to do, you can always rely on a quick game of blackjack to get you back in the zone. Just read the best blackjack guide and strategies before you start playing blackjack.

Perhaps, you might like something that’s a little more social while you are gambling. If those happen to be your tastes, then might we suggest a quick turn of Roulette. With so many options, it tends to attract a much larger crowd than some of the other games on this list. Although it’s relatively niche, we believe it’s a worthwhile contender to place on here.

Live Gambling:
Best of all, more and more live online casinos have begun to offer live gambling options. That way, you can communicate with other human players from around the world in real-time. By using this, you’ll get to experience even more of the benefits you associate with in-person casinos. In our opinion, these games seem to represent what the future has in store for the industry.

How to Deposit at Crypto Casinos?

By now, it should be fairly easy for you to tell that these casinos aren’t much different from your usual gaming houses. On most occasions, the only major difference will be the type of money you used to place your bets.

Of course, to place your bets at one of these institutions, you’ll have to get your hands on some crypto. Otherwise, you’ll have to sit on the sidelines as a mere spectator.

Luckily, by following the steps below, you can purchase some crypto with hardly any hassle at all. As long as you’ve got all the necessary documentation, you could be playing at a new crypto casino before the end of the night.

Register for an Account, Then Click on the Deposit Button:
Generally speaking, most institutions a copy of your government identification. Before you can make a purchase, you must subit it. Sometimes, processing this information can take a couple of days. However, if you are lucky, the processing should be over within a few moments.

Using Another Device, Go to a Crypto Exchange:
Once you’ve registered for the account, you’ll need to download an additional app. With these apps, you’ll be given an address for you to use when storing crypto. Usually, call the easier wallet. It’s similar to the thing you have in your pocket. However, it only exists electronically.

Purchase Crypto Using Usd:
Now that you’ve got a wallet, you can finally purchase some crypto. On the exchange, execute a trade like you would if you are purchasing a stock. Then, wait for it to fulfill before you move on. Once the order is complete, you should see the funds in your wallet on the exchange. Next, you’ll need to withdraw it to your personal wallet before submitting it to the crypto casino.

Then, Using the Wallet Address From the Casino, Send the Funding From the Exchange:
On your personal wallet, find the address associated with your account and copy it. Once it’s been copied, go to the appropriate wallet on the casino website. From there, you should see an area where you can paste the wallet address. After you paste it, verify that nothing has been altered in the meantime.

Provide Sufficient Funding to Cover Miner Fees:
Finally, before you hit the submit button, ensure you’ve got sufficient crypto to cover the cost of minor fees. Every time you send crypto anywhere on the network, you’ll have to pay a small fee to facilitate the exchange. These cover the cost of electricity for the machines that verify the transaction. Without them, none of this would work at all. Thus, these fees are unavoidable if you’d like to use crypto.

How to Withdrawal From Crypto Casinos?

Let’s assume you had a good night at the casino. If that happened to be the case, then how would you withdraw your winnings at the end of the night? Well, as long as it’s a decent institution, it should be similar to the methods you used when depositing the funds. However, you’ll need to use the wallet address from your personal wallet instead of the casino.

On Your Device, Create a Digital Wallet:
If you haven’t created a wallet to withdraw your money, then you’ll need to make one now. Luckily, there’s plenty of applications that let you do just that from anywhere with an Internet connection. Find something that suits your needs and set up the wallet before progressing further.

Within the Wallet, Find Your Wallet Address:
Similar to before, find the address of your wallet within the account. After you locate it, copy it to your clipboard. Then, navigate to the website of the casino.

On the Casino Website, Go to the Withdrawal Page:
From there, you should see a section that says withdrawal nearby the place you clicked to deposit funds. After you find the appropriate label, you can click on it as soon as you would like.

From There, Paste the Address of Your Wallet:
On that page, you’ll see a space where you can type the address of a wallet. In that area, paste the information you copied.

Verify the Address Is Correct, Then Click Continue:
Once you put the data into the form, it would be best for you to verify everything is correct. It’s not unheard of for things to change in some instances. Unfortunately, when you are using crypto, most mistakes are permanent. For that reason, double-checking your work before hitting submit is essential if you’d like to avoid mistakes.

Give the BlockChain Sufficient Time to Process the Transaction:
Generally speaking, most transactions should complete within an hour at the most. However, on some occasions, it could take much longer. If you’d like to speed up the processing time of your transaction, then you can allocate more funds to cover the miner fees before you submit the payment. The more funds you allocate to the miners, The faster your transaction will process overall.

Once It’s Been Long Enough, Funds Should Appear in Your Digital Wallet:
After sufficient time has elapsed, you’ll see the funds appear in your wallet. With some applications, you’ll even see them when they are still unconfirmed. However, until they receive sufficient confirmation, you’ll be unable to access them. For that reason, we suggest giving your wallet some time before you check on it. Otherwise, it could be an exercise in frustration.

How to Open Your Own Crypto Casino?

If you are considering opening up one of these institutions, then we got some great news for you. Although they are using relatively novel technology, it’s as easy to open up one of these as it would be to open up a normal casino. Despite their obscurity, these continue to gain traction in the underground gambling circuits. Since people can access them from all over the world, if you open one up, you’ll have access to a massive market. As soon as the machines are running, it’ll be difficult to find a spare seat.

Establish a Company:
Similar to other companies, to establish one of these, you’ll have to register the Corporation. In most instances, we suggest incorporating as an LLC. With this classification, you’ll limit any personal liability that you would have to assume otherwise. That way, you can protect yourself while still providing a valuable service to your customers.

Register With the Gaming Commission:
Before people can start gambling, your company needs to be registered with the gaming commission. Any institution that offers gambling services must register to operate lawfully. Without up-to-date registration, you could get shut down instantaneously. If the wrong people hear about your business, wiht out-dated paperwork, there’s nothing you can do. By staying up-to-date with paperwork, you won’t have to worry about anything.

Enable Payments in the Form of Crypto:
Of course, since you’d like to operate a crypto casino, then you’ll have to enable payments. Using cryptocurrency, establish a relationship with a payment processor. Today, there are plenty of companies that offer payment processing using this technology. Therefore, you’ll find plenty of competition in the market willing to outcompete each other for your business. Usually, it’s not that hard to find a great deal. After that is finished, you can open your doors for business. At this point, it’s no different from traditional casinos at all for management.